Tuesday, May 1, 2012

If I Was a Rich Girl: Purses

The older I get the more expensive my taste becomes. For whatever reason, I am drawn to things that are expensive and totally out of my budget even when I'm not looking for them. I just have an eye for quality. Considering I can't actually afford to buy most of the expensive stuff I love yet, I figure I may as well let my tastemaking talents go to some use and share the things I would buy if I was a rich girl. So, just in case anyone hits the lotto, is about to close a big business deal, or just looking to splurge, here are Day & Night Socialite's picks for the best purses money can buy.

Don't forget the theme music.

Stay tuned to the edition of "If I Was a Rich Girl". Til next time, socialites.


  1. I love the selection. My top three: Celine Trapeze, Chole Madeline Duffle, and the gucci leather tote for sure!

  2. Thanks for commenting. Great choices! The Celine trapeze bags are something serious.

  3. I'm so much like you! Infact, most of the time when I'm browsing online or in a store I know that no matter what bag I fall in love with it will be out of my price range! Caviar taste on a hamburger wallet my dad says.