Wednesday, May 2, 2012

3 Real Style Bloggers You Should Follow

When it comes to seeking fashion advice and idealizing the perfect outfit, female tastemakers like you and I have so many social media outlets to gain our inspiration from, namely personal style blogs. While most personal style blogs are pretty, luxurious, and intriguing, not many truly inspire beyond the latest fashion trends and wardrobe updates. I believe that a good style blog is not only fashionable, but relatable as well with less, "I'm-really-not-going-anywhere-in-this-Marc Jacobs-tutu-and-6-inch heels-but-I'm-so-fabulous-someone-MUST-see-me-in-this-outfit" blog posts. Ya know? Here are 3 conscious, lovely, and real style bloggers who will inspire you beyond their fashionable outfits and you're sure to want to jock their style.
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Why you'll love her: Cyn not only curates the endless e-commerce wonderland that is Etsy on her popular blog, Addicted2Etsy, but she also shares tid-bits of her personal life and style that inspire not only her readers' style sense, but their lifestyle, creativity, and self-image as well. Beyond  keeping you in the know about the newest Etsy shops, sponsoring giveaways, and sharing her stylish weekend outfits, Addicted2Etsy is the best place to discover up-and-coming designers, online sales, brunch spots, DIY interior design, and travel. She's not afraid of calories, loves African prints, oozes self-possession, and she truly inspires genuine self-expression. She's also a wife and attorney with serious hair swag which tells you that she's pretty much Super Woman. Obsessed yet?
What she's all about: Practical yet exciting personal style, affordable lifestyle and fashion finds, loving life, self-love
What to Read: Acceptance on My Road to Happy about Cyn's journey to happiness & Wedding Dress where Cyn shares photos from her Esty-planned and super gorgeous wedding day.
Where to find her:, Twitter @Addicted2Etsy, and Facebook
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Why you'll love her: You'll adore her fun-loving personality and savvy shopping advice. As a follower of her blog Looking Fly On a Dime, you are sure to discover the art of thrifting, how to thrift trends, and the best places to go. Thanks to her blogging advice, I was nominated Best Dressed at the Refinery 29 Oscar Party last year after finding the perfect dress lace dress at a Goodwill for $25! In addition to her blog, she is also a Savvy Shopper reporter for New York City's Pix 11 News which airs weekday evenings from 5-6PM EST. Oh, and she's also been featured on the Nate Berkus Show as his thrift-shopping guru. Patrice is kind of a big deal! Following her on Twitter is also a blast as she shares her witty commentary on everything from pop culture to her adventures about town in NYC. She always looks great and definitely remains true to her mission of helping women look fly on a dime. 
What she's all about: Looking fly, savvy shopping, saving money, having fun, adventure, ambition
What to read: Thrift Store Treasure-$1 Cocktail Dress, where Patrice shares one of her best fashion finds, and How Not to Overspend While Thrift Shopping.

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Why you'll love her: Simply put, her style is marvelous and her blog is a true experience. Every time I visit her blog I think to myself, "I could totally pull that off!" and "Where did she find that?" You can rely on Jinna to test out the latest fashion trends and make sense of them for you. Giving you both edge and femininity all dressed up in a mix of thrift store finds and high end pieces, Grease &Glamour sets the trend among the trends. If Jinna's trend-setting style isn't enough, you'll also appreciate her timely editorial content and videos that capture her journey through the NYC fashion scene. P.S. she designed (as in coded) her own website and is a phenomenal photographer.
What she's all about: FASHION, Dynamism, Beauty, Trend-setting, Balance, Technology
What to read: Colorblock Cocktails and Lime Sorbet, both very unique, feminine, and fashion forward outfit posts. 

Where to find her:, Twitter @Jinnaboo, and Facebook

I hope you will be as inspired as I am by these ladies. Be sure to like their blog pages on Facebook, follow on Twitter and Bloglovin', and share their blogs with friends.
 Til next time, socialites!


  1. Agreed! Have been following her blog for ages! She has fantastic style!

    ~Natasha Fatah~