Wednesday, April 18, 2012

4 Tips for Wearing Neon Without Letting it Wear You

Neon is without a doubt the most relevant trend this spring. Everyone can wear this trend and look great, but neon is also dangerous in the sense that if you overdo it, it'll be very obvious. Whether you are a color coward thinking of sporting this trend or someone who loves color and has purchased all the season's key pieces in orange, yellow, and pink, here are a few simple tips for wearing neon without letting it wear you.

1.Make sure everything fits and flatters you well. Neon draws attention to everything so a shirt that's hugging on your boobs too tight or a blazer that is too big for your frame can easily detract from or distort your look.

2. Go for a nude shoe. You just can't go wrong with a nude shoe. With all the colors going on, nude on your feet will instantly neutralize your look and keep the focus on your gorgeous color scheme elsewhere.

3. Color block it. When all else fails, color block it! As long as you stick to clean lines, mixing other neon colors really can't hurt.Pair a yellow blazer with a blue top and pink pencil skirt and make a pack of highlighters out of yourself. As long as it all fits and flows you're winning. Don't forget the nude shoes!

4. Simplify it black or white. Don't worry about trying to make the trend more stylish or more than what it is. Neon speaks for itself. Adding a simple white tee or sheer button-down blouse to a pair of neon jeans can tone down your look, minimize any 80's-retro-ness, and create softness. Pairing black will make the neon color pop, add subtle edge and sophistication to the playfulness of the neon.

Bonus tip: Remember that the neon trend may not stick around long. Purchase pieces wisely shopping sales, low-end shops, or even thrift stores (Check out Looking Fly on A Dime's 'Thrifting Trends" advice.) Save your money on investment pieces and classic items you can wear forever.  

All this talk about neon is making me excited for summer! Happy styling, socialites!


  1. I love neon with neutral pieces...I think it really stands out that way. Great tips!

    xo erica

    1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.Neon and neutral is the way to go.