Wednesday, April 25, 2012

10 Life Reminders from Brandy, Behind the Music

After watching Brandy's Behind the Music Special on VH1 tonight, I was reminded of what a powerful voice she spoke to me and for me as a young girl coming of age. Right about now, I seriously want to listen to Never Say Never on repeat. Not only that, but there were many things about her life and journey that reminded me to always see life fully. Here were some of the takeaways from the show.

Life and love is better after 30.
Self doubt might kill you.
No one should have to remind you that you are your own woman.
You cannot afford to be someone we are not.
Success is hard to reach and even harder to maintain.
Heartbreak is inevitable.
Joy is optional.
The lie is often worse than the crime.
Imitation is palpable.Fake is fake.
Facing shame is a part of becoming a better woman. 

I can't wait for her comeback. After all she's faced and become, the next album HAS to be great.

What did you think of Brandy, Behind the Music? What life lessons were you reminded of?

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