Monday, December 5, 2011

Socialite Checklist: NYE

With  the holidays in full swing and 2012 fast approaching life is all about planning-planning of future endeavors, new goals, and of course party plans. The holidays, (Christmas and Hanukkah especially) don't allow for much down time leading to the New Year. In short, now is the time to be planning your NYE look and party plans. Even if you aren't sure what exactly you'll be doing or wearing here are some tips to ensure that you look good and feel stress-free while doing so.

1.) Book Make-Up & Hair Right Now! There is nothing worse than feeling unpretty on NYE. I've found that poor preparation has left me with unmet beauty expectations and much displaced fervor (PISSED). Do yourself a favor and lock in these appointments this week. I recommend Polish Bar Brooklyn for spa and beauty services and Evolution The Green Room Salon for hair.

2.) Rent the Runway! Though I've never used this service, my friend Beauty Unbiased has. I must say she looked dazzling for her night at the UNICEF Snowflake Ball. It's a great alternative to scouring stores for that perfect dress that no one else will be wearing. Find a dress, make a statement in it, and send it back.

3.) Make Dinner Reservations. This one is self explanatory but I'm assuming you are not trying to celebrate NYE Sex and the City style like Carrie and Miranda with corner store Chinese or $2 slice. Plus, who wants to worry about dining logistics when you're in the middle of a glam session?

4.) Reserve Transportation. Book your ZipCar or car service or be stranded in a freezing hell. Also, booking a car service keeps you from having to find a designated driver.

5.) Underwear Shop. Take inventory of your bras, tights, panty hose, sticky tape, slips, and Spanx now so that over the next few weeks of shopping you'll know exactly what you need. Refinery 29 did a great piece on the perfect undergarment essentials for every type of dress you could imagine. Check it out. Trying to shop for a strapless, demi bra at 5pm NYE is not what's up!

6.) Check in With Friends. Plans will inevitably change as so many great things are going on for NYE. Make sure your favs are included in whatever you do, that everyone is on the same page, and that you blend the right group of amendable and amicable friends.

Til next time ladies, be great!

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