Thursday, November 3, 2011

Go Out In The Nude

I don't know about you but I have the hardest time pairing a great party outfit with the right shoes. For me, my party style seems to be a bit more edgy and over the top than my day-to-day outfits which is typical but it seems that my shoe game is never quite aligned with my outfits. If I have that one hot statement shoe, I have to make sure I wear something less attention seeking as not to overstate everything. But what happens when I want to wear something really glam, colorful, and busy? I gotta have that classic color, shape and texture shoe that compliments everything from my clutch to my earrings. I think I've figured it out; I need to go nude more often than not. Now that we have that figured out here are our options for marvelous nude shoes.

Nude Booties! hehe
Sergio Rossi Nude Swarovski Nude Bootie at a recession-friendly $1,670

Double time
My fav! Vera Wang Lavendar Collection "Zoey" $325

Practically Nude
Check out the details on this shoe. Cutouts and metal yet still classic! Sam Edelman "Lorna" $175

Nude Attitude

Vince Camuto "Missie Nude" $118
Because a nude shoe is something you'd wear over and over again it's important to get a good quality brand but if you're not interested in spending lots check out these more budget friendly options: Michael Antonio, Forever 21, ShoeDazzle!

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