Sunday, November 13, 2011

Be Holiday Ready: Thank You Cards

With the holidays fast approaching make sure you are equipped with gratitude. Not only in spirit but in form. You'll be receiving gifts and party invites as well as hosting your own gatherings from here to January so make sure you have your cards in stock. With all the happenings of day to day life, shopping, and socializing of the holiday it can be easy to forget to thank those that make your holiday enjoyable. Not to mention Thanksgiving is in a couple weeks! Why not send thank you cards just because.

Here are some cute thank you cards to stock up on, but if nothing else stop by Target and grab a bunch. My advice is to write them either before (yes before) or right after you attend a party or receive a gift. The longer you wait, the easier it is to forget and the harder it can be to write a genuine thank you. Also, while a thank you is better late than never you don't want to wait too long as to lose the essence of the holiday giving and gratitude.

Say it the French and chic way! These are from Ink Meets Paper. 6 for $14

Some Chevron for the trendy ones. 12 for $18
Navy Stripes by Papyrus. 14 cards for $9.95

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