Tuesday, November 29, 2011

3 Things to Do This Week: Films, Charity, & Cocktails

Here are my picks for the Top 3 things to do this week! If you're looking for something cool to entertain friends in town or just looking to keep up your normal "girl about town" lifestyle in the midst of working off Thanksgiving dessert calories and shopping for gifts, these events will make socializing worthwhile.

1.) See a film at the African Diaspora International Film Festival. With over 63 featured films you are sure to find something that peaks your interest. A little intellectual and cultural stimulation to shake things up this holiday season, ya know? I plan on seeing An African Election and A Lot Like You among others. Check out this trailer and the full schedule here.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Monday Musings

Black Friday shopping and a forthcoming new year sure have a lot of things on my mind....

Namely, these Zara Frilled Booties $99. I might just have to go back for them. So necessary!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Thanksgiving Music

No festivity is complete without the perfect music to set the tone. In essence of Thanksgiving it's good to play music that speaks to the heart but also music that gets the party started. It takes a talented hostess to play the right combination of music to match the novelty of the season, mixing a little bit of dance with some Top 40 picks and a little old school all while keeping it family-friendly. If your family is like mine "family-friendly" allows for a lot of nontraditional song choices. There is nothing like music to spark nostalgia, conversation, or creation of new memories. Ahhhh, I love music! Here are 10 songs that will definitely be on my Thanksgiving playlist.

1. Before I Let Go Frankie Beverly & Maze. Classic! Every man, woman a child can appreciate this song.

2.Off The Wall Michael Jackson. Hosting 101 Play Michael Jackson. This one definitely sets the tone for the spirit of gratitude and living easy
3. So Fly by Slim ft.Yung Joc. Even old folks love this song. Something bout the beat drop

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Monday Musings

Happy Thanksgiving week everyone! Here are a few things I am loving at the moment. Things that bring me joy, inspiration, and happiness.

"What do you do after 16 grammys and millions of records sold? Whatever makes u happy" -Beyonce  For the next 24 hours the intimate The Beyonce Live from Roseland DVD performance is available on Vevo. It is so touching, inspiring and beautiful. She shows intimate footage of her and her life with her husband Jay. There is just so much to love about it. The DVD comes out on November 29th! Can't wait.

 Diane shares her wisdom as a hostess!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Day & Night....Coats

Unfortunately, winter is a sad reality we are soon facing, socialites. Shivering in a sequin mini skirt pretending that opaque tights are actually keeping our legs warm and trying to walk through snow in stilettos will always be dreadful but alas, fly coats!! Every socialite needs that great coat that can transition well from day to night whole making a statement. Here are a few of my current favs.

Ok, so this one will not be such a practical day time option but work it anyway! Nasty Gal $278.0


Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Liza's Life of the Party Event

Last Friday I had the pleasure of attending Liza Utter's Holiday Food & Menu Planning Event class on hosting. I cannot say enough how fun and informative this class was! I learned how to make two super easy yet super impressive appetizers, learned some great hostess secrets and most of all enjoyed the company of Liza herself.

 Liza is an accomplished restaurateur, mother, cancer-survivor, and party planner to the stars. She is now dedicating her time to teaching the art of hosting and creating memories for everyday folks. I am so grateful that she invited me to the event and hope you will consider attending one of her classes. The tips she gave were priceless! Check her out on Facebook and Twitter.

 Here are some highlights from the event.

Liza giving us her secrets to hostess success

How lovely and festive is this decor??!! 

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Be Holiday Ready: Thank You Cards

With the holidays fast approaching make sure you are equipped with gratitude. Not only in spirit but in form. You'll be receiving gifts and party invites as well as hosting your own gatherings from here to January so make sure you have your cards in stock. With all the happenings of day to day life, shopping, and socializing of the holiday it can be easy to forget to thank those that make your holiday enjoyable. Not to mention Thanksgiving is in a couple weeks! Why not send thank you cards just because.

Here are some cute thank you cards to stock up on, but if nothing else stop by Target and grab a bunch. My advice is to write them either before (yes before) or right after you attend a party or receive a gift. The longer you wait, the easier it is to forget and the harder it can be to write a genuine thank you. Also, while a thank you is better late than never you don't want to wait too long as to lose the essence of the holiday giving and gratitude.

Say it the French and chic way! These are from Ink Meets Paper. 6 for $14

Some Chevron for the trendy ones. 12 for $18
Navy Stripes by Papyrus. 14 cards for $9.95

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Go Out In The Nude

I don't know about you but I have the hardest time pairing a great party outfit with the right shoes. For me, my party style seems to be a bit more edgy and over the top than my day-to-day outfits which is typical but it seems that my shoe game is never quite aligned with my outfits. If I have that one hot statement shoe, I have to make sure I wear something less attention seeking as not to overstate everything. But what happens when I want to wear something really glam, colorful, and busy? I gotta have that classic color, shape and texture shoe that compliments everything from my clutch to my earrings. I think I've figured it out; I need to go nude more often than not. Now that we have that figured out here are our options for marvelous nude shoes.

Nude Booties! hehe
Sergio Rossi Nude Swarovski Nude Bootie at a recession-friendly $1,670

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Shecky's Beauty Night Out in NYC 2011

Check out my friend Beauty Unbiased's 'Sneak Peak' of the upcoming Shecky's Beauty Night Out this coming Tuesday. She'll give you the low down on what to expect, what you'll get, and how you can get the hook-up on discount admission. Also, for the latest in all things beauty visit Beauty Unbiased blog.

 I'll be there! And if for some unfortunate reason you can't make it, rest assured I will post a thoroughly perfect event and goody bag review to make you jealous. ;-)

Til next time, socialites!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Socialite Musings

I had planned to entitle this post "aMusing Mondays" and initiate a new blog series but since Halloween was yesterday you got my cute Halloween pics instead. This series will be devoted to sharing things that I am in love with, in pursuit of, or inspired by. From food recipes and fashion to Beyonce music and blogs plan to be amused and equipped to start your week off right. Here's what I'm loving this week.

Lauren Conrad. Have you checked out her blog yet? It's lovely and purposeful with creative tips for entertaining, decorating, and the other likes us women folk. Mainly, I'm loving her recent spread in the November People StyleWatch issue.

Haagan-Dazs Lemon Sorbet! No explanation necessary but I'm looking forward to using it in some upcoming holiday recipes.

Color blocking outfits. It's so chic and timeless in my opinion.Looking to block with some rich deep plum, teal, and gold colors pretty soon.

Til next time, ladies!